1. Find a SAME Post (local chapter of the Society)
    1. Students should apply to the Post nearest their home
    2. Select the appropriate Post Point of Contact
    3. Posts Point of Contact List
    4. Alternately you may contact us at shumes@same.org for assistance
  2. Contact someone at your local Post to introduce yourself and tell them you are interested in attending the SAME Engineering & Construction Camp.
    1. Be sure to ask for the Engineering & Construction Camp Point of Contact for the Post.
    2. Clarify with that Point of Contact when the application is due and for which camp you are applying.
  3. If you are unable to find a sponsoring Post, don’t give up hope. Send your application directly to the Camp Registrar at erini@meetingvisions.net. SAME will review all un-sponsored students and attempt to select qualified students for sponsorships either at the national level or by connecting them with other SAME Post. The student will need to pay, at a minimum, $290 of the registration fee. In the event we are not able to connect a selected student to a post or secure other funding, the student will be responsible for the fund tuition of $580 and airfare. Students on the National Sponsorship list will be notified whether or not they have a sponsorship about 6 weeks prior to the camp date.
  4. If you have questions regarding a camp please contact:

    Camps (general): Gerald Morris Jr. at gmorris@j2-eng.com
    ARMY Camp: Henry Dulaney at Henry.A.Dulaney@usace.army.mil
    USAFA Camp: Scott Prosuch at sprosuch@earthlink.net.
    USMC Camp: Joe Angell at angell@taylorwiseman.com

  5. Complete the Application and submit to your local Post Point of Contact  by the required due date.
  6. Once you receive notification that the Post will nominate you to attend the camp, please send a check for $290 (half the registration fee, unless you are unsponsored – contact the camp registrar for the amount) to the local Post Point of Contact together with the supplemental materials if you have not already sent them. Your sponsoring Post will pay the remainder of the $580 registration fee AND your airfare to the camp.
  7. The Post will then send your completed application packet in for National review to the SAME Camps. This is a two-tiered acceptance process: first you must be approved and nominated by your Post and then accepted Post candidates are reviews for acceptance in the national pool for admittance to the camp. Generally, this second-tier review is only meant as a QC check to ensure that the applicant meets the criteria. Due to the increased interest in camps over recent years and the application of highly qualified students, the camp directors will make the final selection of campers based on best qualified, current academic year (possibly selecting a rising Junior over a Sophomore). Every attempt will be made to accommodate each Post’s primary candidate.
    1. Upon acceptance, you will receive a letter from the Camp Registrar with information about the camp schedule, what to pack and other important details. This information will also be available on the SAME Camp Web site.
    2. Upon acceptance to the USAFA camp, you will receive directions from the Camp Registrar to upload a digital picture to the camp website. This picture will be used to create the Camp Photo Directory which is given to each camper at the end of camp.

Important Forms

  1. Application Form [DOC] This is the mandatory application form for campers. Download the application form for the U.S. Army Camp in Vicksburg. [DOC]
  2. Medical Release Form [DOC]
    A recent medical release form or physical fitness report completed for high school sports or another related activity requiring the student to be physically fit may be substituted for this form.
  3. Emergency Medical Treatment Form [DOC]
    This form authorizes the staff at a camp to treat the camper for any ailment or dispense necessary prescriptions.

Send completed materials and payment to:
SAME Engineering & Construction Camp

[Place Camp Name on This Line]

c/o Erin Ingersoll
18421 38th Dr SE
Bothell, WA 98012

If you have questions about what to do after you apply please contact the Camp Registrar:

Erin Ingersoll: erini@meetingvisions.net.

Download the application form and supplemental forms. Some of the documents have gray boxes in which you can type your response to the question. The boxes will expand as you type. When you have completed a form, you may then print it out. Make sure the forms are filled out and signed by the appropriate parties as indicated. Attach the supplemental materials to the application form or send them after you have been selected by the Post.

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